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Saizeriya Italian Restaurant

From the large Japanese restaurant chain Saizeriya, opened more than 50 years and in Tokyo in the 1990s It is listed on the stock exchange (サイゼリヤ7581: TOKYO) and has about 1,500 stores in Asia.



Business philosophy

Hong Kong Salia accepts the business philosophy of the Japanese head office and promotes it to the public The value of the diet plan is the origin, daily challenge, promotion of Italian health and a rich food culture, focusing on improving the quality, service and cleanliness of Salia, so that the food is satisfying and enjoyable.



Future Directions

As of 2019, Salia was through more than 40 stores in different parts of Hong Kong. The public service aims to add another 100 stores in the next 10 years.
While the Hong Kong Salia store map is actively expanding, it also hopes to attract more talents with management potential. The company also provides a stable and perfect working environment and training and education, and provides more opportunities for promotion for those who are interested in the development of the catering industry. It is expected that in the next ten years, we will help more than 300 employees become promoted to store managers.




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