Disclaimer – Tsing Yi Branch (Cheung Fat Plaza)

Thank you for your support all the time!
As for the foreign substance discovered inside the takeaway food of our Tsing Yi Branch in April last year. The Court accepted the evidence and statement provided by Saizeriya. In our point of view, the judgement is satisfactory and reasonable. The appeal period of the related case is expired, and this case is officially closed. Our Japan Headquarter has developed the business for over half-century, and develop the business in Hong Kong for more than 13 years. We are providing our service without the violation of the law, and paying high attention towards the food quality and hygiene. From the past to the future, our branches will perform the routine cleaning procedure strictly every night, hire professional cleaning company to perform deep-clean work regularly, perform pest control and regular inspection, enhance the training of our front-line staff in order to raise the awareness of the hygiene. We do value the Hong Kong market, and strive to provide high quality food and service to our valued Hong Kong customers.