【Takeout Menu】Takeaway NEW Items -Italian Custard Pudding・New York Cheese Cake

📣 N~E~W・Takeaway・Desserts🎉
🇮🇹Delicious desserts from Italy
🤤Enjoy the moment even at home

🍮 ★Italian Custard Pudding★【$18】
✔️Best-selling dessert 🥇
✔️Full-flavored taste of egg🥚 and milk

🧀 ★New York Cheese Cake★【$20】
✔️Top layer・Whipping Cream・Silky✨
✔️Middle layer・Cream Cheese・Fluffy😏
✔️ Bottom layer・Crust・Crispy🤩

🕚 From 14th April (Thur)
🏠 All branches
✅ Dine-in・Takeaway・Takeaway via Openrice

▪️ The pictures are only for reference.
▫️ Dine-in price shown.
▪️$1 per takeaway box.
▫️ May be changed without advance notice.
▪️Please enjoy your dessert as soon as possible