【Selected Branches ONLY】Uncovering Italian Mushrooms Delights - Pizza・Mushrooms Pizza (NOW Available at selected branches)

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We are thrilled to introduce some enticing new menus for your enjoyment.
Selected branches have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to savor our culinary masterpiece with utmost confidence. 🌟😋

Introducing our new Mushrooms Pizza🌟
🍽️ Mushrooms Pizza 🆕 | Selected Branches ONLY| $30
📅 Available from 18th March (Mon)
▪️ Experience the perfect harmony of flavors with our light and flavorful pizza, topped with savory and tender Italian mushrooms. Indulge in this exceptional choice for a delightful and satisfying culinary delight.

🍽️ Mushrooms Doria 🆕| Selected Branches ONLY| $30
🍽️ Rigatoni with Mushrooms 🆕| Selected Branches ONLY| $30

※ The menu above is NOT available for takeaway.
※ The pictures are only for reference.
※ Please note that the availability of the mentioned product is subject to change without prior notice, depending on the circumstances at each branch.
🌟 Selected Branches ONLY | Mushrooms Pizza | Available Branches 🌟
【Kowloon City・Kowloon City Plaza】
【Kowloon Bay・TBG Mall】
【Kowloon Bay・Amoy Plaza】
【Tsz Wan Shan・Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre】
【San Po Kong・Mikiki】
【Diamond Hill・Fung Tak Shopping Centre】