【Selected Branches ONLY】Tempting Spaghetti Highlight・Spaghetti with Lampredotto (NOW Available at selected branches)

📣(YAY) Exciting news just for you!📣
We are thrilled to introduce some enticing new menus for your enjoyment.
Selected branches have the exclusive opportunity to be the first to savor our culinary masterpiece with utmost confidence. 🌟😋

Introducing the Tempting Spaghetti Highlight 🌟
🍽️ Spaghetti with Lampredotto 🆕 | Selected Branches ONLY| $40
▪️ Mouthwatering spaghetti, infused with the essence of our special tomato sauce and lampredotto stew.
▪️ A tantalizing recommendation to whet your appetite!

🍽️ Italian Lampredotto Stew 🆕| ALL Branches| $28

※ The menu above is NOT available for takeaway.
※ The pictures are only for reference.
※ Please note that the availability of the mentioned product is subject to change without prior notice, depending on the circumstances at each branch.
🌟 Selected Branches ONLY |Spaghetti with Lampredotto | Available Branches 🌟
【Tai Wai・Mei Lam Shopping Centre】
【Shatin・Kings Wing Plaza】
【Shatin・Forture City One】
【Shatin・Chun Shek Shopping Centre】
【Ma On Shan・Ma On Shan Plaza】
【Ma On Shan・Heng On Shopping Centre】
【Po Lam・ Metro City Plaza】
【Tseung Kwan O・Tseung Kwan O Plaza】
【Tseung Kwan O・TKO Spot】
【Yau Tong・Domain】
【Lam Tin・Laguna Plaza】
【Kwun Tong・One Pacific Centre】