【Seasonal Menu】Strawberry Delights・Exquisite collection of desserts (NOW Available at ALL branches)

Indulge in the Innocent First Love💕
Experience a delightful symphony of sweetness and sour, accompanied by a hint of enchantment😚

Introducing our Heavenly Journey:
An exquisite collection of strawberry desserts, directly imported from Italy
🍓 Italian Strawberry and Yogurt Gelato|Directly imported from Italy|$18 🆕
▪️ Sweet and sour yogurt ice-cream with a drizzle of luscious strawberry sauce
▪️ Immerse yourself in a refreshing concoction, with an explosion of flavors in every single bite

🍓 Tartufo Strawberry and Lemon Ice-cream|Directly imported from Italy|$20 🆕
▪️ Delight in the perfect blend of strawberry ice-cream, lemon ice-cream and meringue granules
▪️ Revel in their truffle-like lumpy appearance, while savoring the delightful symphony of sweetness and sour.
※ The schedule of the mentioned product is subject to change without prior notice according to the actual circumstances of each branch.
※ The pictures are only for reference.