【NEW Grand Menu】Grilled Potato with Cheese (Frico) and Black Truffle Paste (Available from 10th July)

In Saizeriya, we present Frico, a traditional dish from Northeast Italy, made with fresh milk, cheese, and mashed potatoes for a distinctive Italian taste 💕.
A must-try item for truffle lovers ❤️!

Starting from tomorrow (10th July),
another flavor of Frico will be available at all branches 🌟!

🥔 Grilled Potato with Cheese (Frico) and Black Truffle Paste 🆕 | $34
✥ The combination of Frico and truffle paste takes this traditional dish to a new level.
※ Mix the grilled potato with black truffle paste and enjoy!

🥔 Grilled Potato with Cheese (Frico) | $28
✥ Made with concentrated fresh milk and rich Parmesan cheese, melted into velvety mashed potatoes

※ The pictures are for reference only.
※ The availability of the mentioned product is subject to change without prior notice, depending on the circumstances at each branch.