【Introduction of Saizeriya's Wine】White Wine (Limited-time Offer available)

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We will introduce our wine according😆

2️⃣White Wine – Cliternia VINOBIANCO
🍾 Bottle 【$48】(Original price $82) (~750ml)
🍷 Glass 【$8】(Original price $16) (~120ml)
▪️ Origin︰Molise, a region of Southern Italy 🇮🇹
▪️Ingredients︰Made from Trebbiano grapes 🍇
▪️Production︰Specially made for Saizeriya in Italy
▪️Tasting Notes︰Fruity, refreshing, with moderate sour.
▪️ Recommended Dishes︰Seafood 🦞, fresh salads 🥗 and chicken 🐥

⇩⇩ 「🇮🇹🍷 Italian Wines Sale」Limited-time Offer available ⇩⇩

🍷Wine by the Glass🍷 (~120ml)
【$8】(Original price $16)
▪️ Red Wine – Cliternia VINOROSSO
▪️ White Wine – Cliternia VINOBIANCO

🍷Wine by the Bottle🍷 (~750ml)
【$48】(Original price $82)
▪️ Red Wine – Cliternia VINOROSSO
▪️ White Wine – Cliternia VINOBIANCO
▪️ Sparkling Rosé Wine – Lambrusco Rosato Dolce

【$48】(Original price $98) ※Referred to the price in Japan
▪️ Premium White Wine – Cliternia BIFERNO
🍇 Made from Trebbiano grapes
🍇 With ample texture, in which the flavour along with a long finish. Different from the refreshing taste of the white wine – Cliternia VINOBIANCO.

※ The schedule of the mentioned product is subject to change without prior notice according to the actual circumstances of each branch.
※ Available only at the branches permitted to serve liquor
※ People under 18 should not consume any alcoholic beverages.
※ The pictures are only for reference.