【2023Grand Menu】Healthy & Delicious - Grilled Salmon Fillet・Salmon Fillet with Cheesy White Sauce

🎉🎉The Grand Menu of 2023 is NOW available!
Visit Saizeriya and give it a try🤩.

Since the removal of the smoked salmon cuisines, we have been receiving comments from people wanting to bring the salmon back💕

After a lot of preparation, we are now ready 🌟 !!!!
Starting from today, two healthy and delicious salmon dishes will be available at all branches 🍽️
Salmon is rich in nutrients such as Omega-3, protein, vitamin B complex, etc. 😍
Enjoy the food and get the nutrients at the same time 💪🏻
Available at all our branches, please come and enjoy our exquisite cuisine 🤩~

〖Healthy & Delicious〗
🐟 Grilled Salmon Fillet| $40🆕
✥ Salmon fillet served on a sizzling iron plate, hot and delicious
※ Beware of tiny bones

🐟 Salmon Fillet with Cheesy White Sauce | $42🆕
✥ Salmon fillet with creamy white sauce and cheese
※ Beware of tiny bones

※The pictures are only for reference.