【2023 Grand Menu】NOW Available at ALL branches!

🎊 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ NEW Grand Menu is now available at ALL branches 🎉

May I introduce to you that the NEW Grand Menu is N-O-W AVAILABLE🙂😆
Visit our branch and enjoy the new and delicious cuisines❣️
NEW items and highlights will be introduced to you starting from tomorrow. Stay tuned🤩

🍗 Appetizer Highlights 🍗
🍕 Pizza Highlights 🍕
🥩 Steak Highlights 🥩
🍮 Dessert Highlights 🍮
🍷 Wine Highlights 🍷

🗓️ Available from 9th September (Mon)
🏠 At ALL branches

🍝 ALL branches open as USUAL
🍽️ Dine-in Service・Walk-in Takeaway Service・Openrice Pre-order Takeaway Service

※ The pictures are only for reference.